We're an award-winning charity with a history
For 30 years we have supported thousands of Londoners to better their lives across the capital.

ELATT needs you!

We’re an award-winning charity – we’ve supported hundreds of students to better their lives for over 30 years. We welcome students who want to develop their skills, gain confidence and learn at any stage of their lives. Our courses include Maths, English, Web Design and Development, Computer Engineering, Digital Media Production and Business Administration. When it comes to training, we’ve got it covered, but we need your help to get our talented people into the world of work.

We have found that the first step towards employment is the hardest – with no recent work experience, only 30% of our students get into work, compared to 80% of those with recent work experience. There are three main ways you can help us get our enthusiastic students into work; mentoring, work experience and work placements. There is no commitment – even just an hour of your time to host a visit can make a huge difference to our students’ career prospects.

Read below to see more info on how to not only support ELATT and our hard working students, but also diversify your workforce with local talent.


The simplest way you can support our learners to make the step from education to employment.


Host a one-off visit for learners or one-to-one shadowing where a learner follows your daily work routine.


Work experience or volunteering is another great option for providing a longer insight into your workplace.

Work Placement

Provide work that needs doing and would like to offer an opportunity to a determined individual.


Offer a student one to one support

Mentoring is probably the simplest way you can support our students to make the step from education to employment. We will match you with a student who is interested in your sector or career path, who you can then communicate with to offer advice such as – how you got into the industry, CV and job application tips specific to the industry, how to find opportunities. We will be on standby in case you need any help and will have a monthly check in.

Mentoring is also a great personal professional development opportunity for the mentor and can be the perfect way to develop your leadership and interpersonal skills all whilst enjoying the feel good factor of helping to develop a keen learner by sharing own experience and skills.

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Work Experience / Volunteering

Offer insight into the workplace

through a short tour or visit to your organisation, shadowing or a small group workshop or training session You can either host a one off visit for a group of our students or you can do one to one shadowing where a learner follows your daily work routine. Shadowing provides an invaluable insight into the work environment. Some hosts run formal training sessions or set the students practical tasks, while others provide a more informal introduction to their work. Please get in touch to find out more – just a couple of hours of your time could be the vital step needed to get into work!

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Work Placements

Longer term placements for students, from 4 to 12 weeks – paid or unpaid

If you’d like to provide a deeper insight into your workplace, a work placement would be ideal. This could be for an individual or a couple of our keen students and can last from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on what suits you. We can offer support and guidance throughout to ensure that both the employer and candidate have a smooth and positive experience.

We’ve already worked with companies such as Opus2 and Sopra Steria. If you have work that needs doing and would like to offer an incredible opportunity to a talented and determined individual, let us know and we can work together to set it up! Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

Get in touch supporters@elatt.org.uk Blog: Opus II Blog: Sopra Steria

If you’d like to discuss any of these options further or would like to support ELATT but are unsure how best to do so, please fill in the enquiry form or email supporters@elatt.org.uk
Without the support of employers, ELATT’s talented and dedicated students have far less chance of attaining paid employment in the future. Even an hour of your time can make all the difference.