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Connected Learning


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Connected Learning

Connected Learning is how we put you at the centre of the learning process



Excellence in Learning

Tutor-led and peer-supported -
face to face, online and interactive


Excellence in Support

Joined-up support gets to the heart of your development and welfare needs


Excellence in Careers

Employment and careers advice to take you to the next level


Make a change with our immersive approach to learning, skills and personal development


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Connected People

Meet Our Graduates


Game Designer

"I don't think I would be where I am today if ELATT hadn't helped me take those first steps into training..."

Office Administrator

"I made new friends and I am able to communicate with others with greater confidence..."

IT Manager

"ELATT's apprenticeship scheme gave me the confidence and new skills that were so valuable to me for my studies and work..."

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Multi-award Winning Training