Supporting you during
the coronavirus pandemic

Covid 19 Update April 2020

  • Our centres may be closed, but our services are still open. We’re running our tutor-led courses online throughout the period of closure, and you won’t need to miss a single session.
  • Our tutors, support staff and welfare advisors are ready to help you online or by phone, and we can even help you with equipment and a data plan if you don’t currently have the resources to learn at home. And if you’re not an ELATT student yet, take a look at our courses here.
  • We know that when the recovery comes after this crisis, digital skills will be more important than ever, so take the opportunity now to get your career on track.

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Covid 19 Update for Applicants March 2020:

  • If you have recently applied to ELATT do not worry about your place - we will still offer it to you.
  • We will be in touch soon to confirm the details of your course and how courses are being delivered online.
  • Please do not come to ELATT's centres to apply for a course at the moment. If you would like to apply for a course or ask about your existing application simply email or phone 0800-0420-184

Covid 19 Update for Students March 2020:

  • All the teachers and staff are preparing resources and lessons for you to do at home. Please do not come into any of our centres until further notice.
  • Make sure you have an email address and check the email and phone number your teacher has for you. This is how your teachers will be setting your work and carrying on lessons.
  • If you have any problems getting internet please let your teacher know as quickly as possible.
  • If you are receiving any of our support services, we will contact you about them.
  • Our administration and teaching staff are here to continue to support you through your courses and qualifications, and with your future progression. We will make sure you can carry on learning from home.
  • ELATT will not stop delivering learning, but we will be working differently with a lot being delivered from home.
  • If you have any questions about using your email, phone, contacting your teacher or any other concerns please call us on 0800-0420-184.

Covid 19 Update for Parents/Carers March 2020:

  • Following the Government’s decision to close schools until further notice, ELATT is putting several practices in place during these exceptional times.
  • All students have been set work online throughout the closure period and this will be maintained by teachers from ELATT until further notice.
  • Please keep an eye on our website as notices and letters will be published there, as well as being sent to parent/carers.
  • We wish everyone to be safe and well in these exceptionally worrying times, and as a charity at the heart of the community, our support for the measures to keep all of us safe is at the centre of our actions.
  • Please keep an eye on this website as notices and letters will be published here and will be sent to parent/carers.
  • We hope that everyone stays safe and well in these exceptionally worrying times. As a charity at the heart of the community, we support measures which will help to protect us all.