Our Learning Model
The aim of our curriculum is to enable our students to flourish in life and work:
whether professional or personal development, employment-focussed or socially focussed, our aim is to support every student to unleash their potential.
learning model diagram


in the skills required to live an independent and fulfilling life in the modern age – English, maths, IT, and a mindset of lifelong learning and the ability to work with and support others.


in practical and in-demand vocational areas including Web Design, Software Development, Computer Engineering, Digital Media Production, Games Design, IT and education professions.


in community through volunteering, community action or simply building supportive learning communities.


to move on to the next step. This can be employment or better pay, further study at college or university, community involvement and integration, but overall developing the confidence and self-worth to look ahead.


Mike Loomey

3 in 1 SEO Owner

"I was twice the average age of most of my fellow students. However, instead of saying I was too old; all the tutors at Elatt helped and..."

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Mary Curtis

ELATT Lead Administrator

"What drew me to ELATT is that the tutors and the staff really have the best interests of the students at heart and work above and beyond..."

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