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ELATT acts as a lead provider in a consortium providing learning and skills through the Skills Funding Agency and Education Funding Agency. Our current partnership includes leading third sector and non-profit organisations such as The Bromley by Bow Centre, Big Creative Education and Paddington Development Trust. If you are interested in joining our consortium please review the documentation below and get in touch.

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techUK represents the companies and technologies that are defining today the world that we will live in tomorrow. The tech industry is creating jobs and growth across the UK. In 2015 the internet economy contributed 10% of the UK’s GDP. 900 companies are members of techUK.

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AELP is the leading membership association for vocational employment and learning providers in Britain..

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We are proud to be an Investor Member of the Third Sector National Learning Alliance. The Third Sector National Learning Alliance (TSNLA) is a growing, national alliance of voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises involved in learning and skills. It aims to provide a coherent national voice from and for Third Sector providers across government departments and other important bodies, and a forum for developing Third Sector ideas and proposals - with the key aim of enabling those most disadvantaged to re-engage with learning and skills.

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