About Computer Engineering

Are you interested in getting into the IT industry? If you want to learn how to get your foot in the door in IT helpdesk or Developer with knowledge and skills in PC maintenance, upgrading, installing software and troubleshooting, these courses are for you. These courses will help move you towards working from the position of IT helpdesk to 3rd line support.

Level 1 Overview Explore

You will learn...

  • Basic understanding of computer hardware
  • What the internet is and the laws of the internet
  • Basic understanding of different software
  • and more...

Upon completion...

You’ll be able to identify parts of the computer system know how to secure the computer system. You may also think about doing Level 2 with us.

Level 2 Overview Explore

You will learn...

  • Maintaining a computer
  • Installing & maintaining different Operating systems
  • How to troubleshoot computer problems
  • Basic understanding of networks
  • and more...

Upon completion...

You’ll be able to build, fix, maintain and upgrade computers systems to a professional level. You may also think about doing Level 3 with us.

Level 3 Overview Explore

You will learn...

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting client computers
  • Installing, configuring and troubleshooting Windows Server 2008
  • Advanced security for client and server
  • Remote technical support
  • and more...

Upon completion...

You will hold the basic fundamentals of maintaining and troubleshooting System Administration, Networking and Security. You'll be eligible for working towards (MTA) Microsoft Technology Associate in network, security and operating system, and (MCSA) Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate You may also think about progressing to University or searching for a job with your new skills.

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Ayse (Network Management)

"After 15 years without work, I went from I have gone from zero to working in the City in front-line IT Support and being so very excited about my future."

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