Future proof your company with ELATT's range of Apprenticeships
ELATT has been at the forefront of tech training in London for more than 30 years, bringing the best quality training into your existing teams and helping you grow through bringing new people into your workforce.
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- Hear Ruta's story -
(Visual Design Associate Apprentice - Morgan Stanley)

Established in 1986, ELATT has a long track record of delivering high quality in-work, online and classroom training – helping students to achieve outstanding results. Recognised by Ofsted as Grade 1 (Outstanding) in all examined areas, ELATT won the prestigious Times Educational Supplement award of ‘Best Training Provider and Further Education College in the UK’.

Why choose ELATT?


We have a 30 years history of connecting talented young people with businesses.

High Quality

100% in success and employer satisfaction rates, and winner of multiple awards.


360⁰ support service helping you at every step of the way.


'On' and 'Off' the job training with a blend of online learning, 1:1 tutorials and more.


All tutors have industrial experience and are specialists within their field.

Quick FAQs

What's an Apprenticeship?

Nationally recognised qualification at all levels right up to degree and post graduate level. They are real jobs with training. Anyone from 16 upwards can be an apprentice as long as they are employed for at least 30 hours per week with 20% of the working week put aside for training.

Who can be an apprentice?

Apprenticeships are for anyone over 16 who is employed for at least 30 hours per week. An apprentice can even be a member of your existing staff.

How does our company benefit?

Good question! Countless pros exist for hiring an apprentice; bring in new talent, use the levy, upskill your entire workforce, and so much more! A recent independent study showed that apprentices deliver £27 of economic benefit for every £1 invested.

What's the cost?

You as the employer will cover the cost of the apprentice salary. The cost of the apprenticeship training itself is variable and depends on the Apprenticeship Standard you have chosen and the type of government funding you are entitled to.

For more in depth information about Apprenticeships, their levels, length of time, cost etc., get in contact with our Employer Engagement team. We work with employers of every size and in many different sectors and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Quick Levy FAQs

Who pays the Levy?

The levy only applies to companies that have an annual staff bill of over £3 million.

How much do I pay?

As of April 2017, companies with an annual staff bill of over £3 million pay 0.5% of this bill into their levy fund. The government will give you a £15,000 'levy allowance' which reduces the amount you have to pay into the fund yourself. The Government then will contribute a further 10% top up into your fund, so for every £1 paid in, you'll have £1.10 to spend on registered apprenticeship training schemes. You'll have 24 months to spend that fund ('vouchers') or you'll lose it.

Can I have an example please?

I run a business with an annual staff bill of £4 million. As the staff bill is over £3 million per year I need to pay 0.5% of that bill into my levy fund: £20,000. Through the levy allowance, the government cover the first £15,000, so I need to pay in £5,000. The government then adds the 10% top-up, giving me an extra £2,000 - that gives me a total levy fund of £22,000 to spend on apprenticeship training.

What can I spend my Apprenticeship Levy on?

The levy can be spent on the training of an apprentice under any of the apprenticeship standards on offer. Your apprentice could be a new member of staff or an existing one. But the levy can only be used for their training – you can't use it to pay your apprentice’s salary.

What if I spend less than £3million on staff each year?

Companies who have a staff bill of less than £3 million per year don't have to pay the levy. And even better, the government will cover 90% of the training cost when you take on an apprentice.


"It is important to us to ensure that we are giving a genuine opportunity to the Apprentice to understand what working in the technology industry entails. Each student sits with our specialist IT delivery team and gets the first-hand experience of the kind of work we do. We have been delighted with their attitude and aptitude – it shows that there is an underused talent pool waiting to be tapped in London."

Employer | Kiran Shoat, Opus 2 International, Magnum Services Manager & Senior Project Manager

"After 15 years without work, I have gone from zero to working in the City."

Former Apprentice | Ayse, Network Management

"ELATT’s apprenticeship scheme gave me the confidence and new technical skills that were so valuable to me for my studies and at work. It was amazing to find a place where I could: develop and enhance my skills, gain professional qualifications and apply everything I had learnt at work, at the same time."

Former Apprentice | Charles, IT Manager

“ELATT accepted me and taught me valuable technical skills. This has led me to get an amazing job at Morgan Stanley. My life has been transformed. I didn’t know what I was going to do before this apprenticeship, now I have a much brighter future ahead where I can fulfil my ambitions. I recommend this apprenticeship scheme to anyone I meet who is struggling to find work or direction in their lives.”

Former Apprentice | Ruta, Visual Design Associate

"The training I received from my Apprenticeship taught me more than what was initially mentioned in the brief: I learned numerous skills that improved the way I communicated with people, both personally and professionally. It branched my learning into many fields such as customer service, tech support, business, finance and social skills, whilst also teaching me how to work towards my job role in web development."

Current Employee | Zak, Developer and Designer

Ofsted Highlights

Success rates for information and communication technology (ICT) courses are outstanding.

Virtually all learners gain their planned qualification at the end of their ICT courses. Alongside the main qualification.

All teachers are very supportive of their learners and this helps learners develop beyond the formal requirements of the course.

Teachers are well qualified and all have an academic qualification in the subject which they teach.

The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding, with lively but professional, classroom sessions and support.

A very high proportion of learners are helped into further learning or employment through ELATT’s training and its varied and innovative work with bodies.

ELATT leaders provide innovative training and personal development programmes which are carefully aligned various opportunities.

A sensitive style of individual teaching ensures that learners are comfortable about asking for assistance.

Trusted, and award-winning

ELATT has over 30 years of experience, and track record of consistently winning rare awards.

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